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Carrie Waller Shares her Unconventional Journey

Lindsay Ainsworth | Published on 11/10/2023

Working Artist Initiative.” Bridgett Kasten is doing a wonderful job building the program. It is a discussion panel held over Zoom and is purposeful in supporting the MSW community. Carrie Waller has graciously agreed to be our first guest artist speaker. She shared her journey along with some of the most important choices she made once deciding to pursue watercolor full time. She shared her painting process and why she values working in series.

Stay tuned for more information the
February 2024 Working Artist Initiative. This is an opportunity for each of us to share knowledge, insights, and know-how. 'Working Artist' simply means that you are sincerely working on your art. All you need is an interest in growing as an artist and curiosity about that process. The WAI is for 
members only and is of no cost to you.